Frequently Asked Questions

Early Head Start/ Head Start Program lnformation & Frequently Asked Questions

What happens once my application is submitted?

Your online application will go through a review and data entry process. Upon completion of the process, you will receive
an automated confirmation that you are on our Waitlist.

Does the Head Start program have a Waitlist?

Yes, the Head Start program does have Waitlist

How long will my child be on the Waitlist?

Unless selected for enrollment, your child will remain on the Waitlist for the remainder of this school year. If your child is
not selected for this school year, you must re-apply, beginning as early as March for the next school year.

Will I know where my child is on the Waitlist?

Unfortunately, we are unable to inform families where their child is on the Waitlist. Families are enrolled based on
their eligibility and family need, not by order received.

Is there a specific wait time in order for my child to be enrolled?

No, if the program has space available children will be selected based on their eligibility and family need. Using this
criteria, our Waitlist changes on a daily basis based on the applications we receive.

Once I submit my application is there anything else that I need to do?

No, unless you have any updates/changes to your phone number, address, income, or family size.

Who do I contact regarding family changes and updates?

Please send an email with the updates/changes to Include your child's name, birth
date and your name.

How is eligibility determined for Early Head Start/ Head Start?

How is Early Head Start / Head Start funded?

The All Kids Academy Head Start Program that you have applied for may be dually funded with the California State
Preschool, Department of Education and Child Care through the Department of Social Services with the State of California.
If your child is selected for enrollment, you may have to supply additional eligibility documentation. This includes proof of
birth for all children under 18, residency, current income, and work verification. This process is
collected electronically. For your child/ren to be enrolled at the center, you must be eligible for both.

Program Requirements

Immunizations: Childcare licensing requires all enrolled children to be up to date on their immunizations.
We will ask you to provide documentation of this before your child's first day of school. This includes a
Tuberculosis (TB) skin test or risk assessment.

Physical & Dental Exams: Each enrolled child is required to have a wellness visit with a licensed
physician and an oral examination completed by their dentist within 30 days of their start date.

Medication & Special Diets: If your child requires medication or has dietary restrictions, including
allergies, we may ask for additional documentation from the physician prior to their start date.

Plain and simple, Head Start works. 

Violeta L.
Policy Committee Member and Past Parent