School Readiness & Comprehensive Services

All Kids Academy Head Start partners with parents and families to support their child’s learning and development. This partnership ensures children leave the program ready for kindergarten and empowered to succeed in school and in life.

School Readiness Goals

Infants, Toddlers, & Preschoolers

School Readiness Goals are established to ensure children are ready for kindergarten. Using research based curricula and assessments, each child’s progress is tracked in social-emotional development, language/literacy, approaches to learning, math, science, and physical development. Through advanced use and analysis of program data, AKA Head Start demonstrates that our four-year old children are ready for kindergarten.

  • Social and Emotional Development

    Children will be aware of self and others, and show greater understanding of others for supportive relationships.

  • Language and Literacy

    Children will increase their communication, participation in conversations, awareness of sounds, understanding of letters, words, books and print. 

  • Approaches to Learning

    Children will pay attention to people, activities and things, show self-comfort and self-control.

  • Cognition

    Children will increase their ability to compare, match, and sort; develop an understanding of cause and effect; increase knowledge of the world, measurement, greater number sense and math operations.

  • Perceptual, Motor, and Physical Development

    Children will demonstrate healthy and safe practices, personal care, fine and large movement skills.


Head Start believes parents are the child’s first teacher, therefore we engage parents by encouraging volunteering in the classroom, offering parenting classes, and encouraging participation and empowerment through shared decision making at center meetings and parent Policy Committee.

Comprehensive Services

Head Start and Early Head Start child comprehensive services include health, nutrition, dental, speech, hearing, and developmental screenings. Centers have safe, inviting environments based on the curriculum and state quality standards to promote early learning. Children are provided nutritious meals and snacks, and follow a classroom schedule which includes outdoor time, music and movement.

  • Health

  • Nutrition

  • Dental

  • Speech

  • Hearing

  • Developmental Screenings

Individualized Family Partnership

All Kids Academy Head Start supports families in meeting personal goals and achieving self-sufficiency across a wide variety of domains. Family Credentialed staff work with families to develop an Individualized Family Partnership in which family strengths, needs, and interest are identified and supported. Goal setting and objectives are tracked for progress in ensuring families are receiving services to remove barriers during challenging times such as with housing, employment, and education.

  • Holding Hands

    Strengths & Needs

    Learn about family’s strengths, needs and interests, identify areas to provide support, and develop goals and objectives. 

  • Partnerships

    Community Resources

    SNAP- Food Stamps
    ESL Classes
    Job Training
    Mental Health Services
    Community College
    Parenting Workshops

  • Holding Hands

    Progress Assessment

    Identify changes in family’s strengths, needs and interests, identify progress on goals, and identify new areas to provide support. 

He plays more, he’s able to talk to kids, he’s improved a lot and I know it’s all because I put him in Head Start. 

Josefina R.
Board Member and Past Parent